Charcoal Coconut

Charcoal Coconut

Specially designed plants to meet Customer´s requirements.

Our design is supported by figures and numbers verified “in the machine, while running”.

  • THRESHER : High efficiency, wide speed range. The housing has motorized opening (quick and easy access for basket replacement and for maintenance and for cleaning). In conformity with Safety Regulations.
  • >NEW CLASSIFIER : High efficiency, very compact, low energy requirement.
    – Winnower with adjustable speed and angle launching, air separation distribution and speed regulation.
    – Apron conveyor for heavies collection.
    – Rotary air lock valve for heavies discharge.
    – Radial blade fans.
  • >Long stem drop equipment : placed in 3rd stage.
  • >Control board with P.L.C. unit with functional arrangement of run/stop sequences.
  • >Dust exhausting plants.
  • >Pneumatic conveying systems

Coconut charcoal is made from coconut shells

This type of coal produces little ash and does not smoke
and burns for a long time and also has a lot of heat, and
one of the most important advantages of coconut charcoal
is that it is compatible with the structure of the nature.
Each piece of coconut charcoal burns at least for 2 hours
and does not turn off. Coconut charcoal is made from 95%
carbonized coconut shell.