Molasses Tobacco

Molasses Tobacco

Toton Aria Middle East Company is the first producer with automatic equipment and official certificate from Iranian Tobacco company in Iran. It was established in 2006.

This Company is focused on supplementing the growing demand for high quality, modern commercial with
an emphasis on modern construction methods and energy efficient technologies in 5 sections include:
1. Tobacco cultivation
2. Tobacco processing
3.Molasses tobacco processing
4. Packaging Unit
5. Laboratory Unit

This company has worked up by using professional experts in QC and R&D sections.Our goal is to provide a good commercial relations in all over the world.
It is noteworthy,the company has vast farms for tobacco cultivation with high quality in north of Iran. We cultivate
Virginia Tobacco with various sugar and nicotine in high quality. We produce types of molasses tobacco in more than 100 flavors with different weight and unique packaging.
We are proud of our roots as a Iranian company and we continually emphasize our obligation to develop the wealth of talent that exists in Iran in order to transfer the highest standards of knowledge, expertise and best practice to the Iranian workforce. Our client’s satisfaction is paramount and we continually strive to ensure transparency and professionalism in our drive towards successful project delivery.

Coconut charcoal is made from coconut shells

This type of coal produces little ash and does not smoke an burns for a long time and also has a lot
of heat, and one of the most important advantages of coconut charcoal is that it is compatible with
the structure of the nature.
Each piece of coconut charcoal burns at least for 2 hours and does not turn off. Coconut charcoal is made from 95%