A.T Europe GmbH was founded by Mr.H.Fazeli .This success can be attributed to the experiences and efforts in the field of tobacco consumption, especially the research and development of tobacco cultivation in the Middle East region for many years.

He has started researching and experimenting the cultivation, equipped a specialized laboratory, created a highly specialized greenhouse production environment and conducted complimentary experiments on the suitable seeds for the Asian climate.

Another activity includes the optimization and improvement of agricultural soils. He has been successful in establishing the first agricultural unit in the Middle East region such as Gorgan and Kordestan. It is worth mentioning that all units have curing and processing departments from planting to harvesting which leads to the production of various tobacco with controlled Nicotine and Sugar.

Therefore, the production of tobacco fully complies with European standards and the taste of customers.

Afterwards, the Machine-building Unit was launched to manufacture appropriate machines for Processing, Cutting, and Fermentation. All stages of production are equipped with quality control.

As a result, with the establishment of the tobacco factory and use of modern machinery and new technology, he produces a Molasses tobacco with more than 100 flavors.

With the establishing branches in the Persian Gulf zone, it has taken measures in the fields of exportation, machinery, raw tobacco, Molasses tobacco, technical knowledge, and different essences (food and tobacco quality).

Eventually, he has located his office in the city of Hamburg to expand his activities in the European areas using the multinational expert team.

This company is ready to cooperate in the fields of Seed, Tobacco, Molasses tobacco, Machinery, Packaging, Processing, Production, and Food Additives.